The Challenge

GSD® were invited to work on a broad range of projects for Wrights – a leading manufacturer of baked goods, confectionery and ready meals with 87 years of heritage. This family-owned company also has 11 retail outlets, a fresh wholesale delivery service and a frozen food operation delivering both ready-baked and un-baked products. Wrights produces more than over 5 million items a week and exports to over 26 countries.

The Solution

The GSD® team created a consistent new brand identity over a few years that was rolled out across multiple platforms. We designed and developed new direct mail, advertising, promotion, packaging, exhibition, football boards, banners, website and a mobile app. A strong tone of voice to convey Wrights’ unique brand personality through warm, engaging, but highly message-focused copy and strong photographic imagery.

The Result

A unified brand ID system that enabled Wrights to market the company effectively and consistently across the UK and Europe. Evolved perception of Wrights not just as a long-established regional name, but one that’s also well in tune with the demands of modern business.

“Our Brand Identity is working really well for us, right across the business. We’re delighted to be working with designers that really do ‘get’ Wrights when packaging our products”

Martin Watson, Managing Director