25 Years of GSD®

25 years ago, Graham Shapiro Design was established. Creating branding and websites for some of the world’s most respected companies.


Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) celebrated 25 years on 11 November 2020. Our CEO & Founder Graham Shapiro commented:

“November 2020 marked a quarter of a century since I first embarked upon what has proved to be a remarkable journey of discovery, innovation and achievement. I can scarcely believe what has been accomplished since Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) began on 11 November 1995. At that time, I began operating as a sole trader, quite literally situated under ‘the stairs’ at Globe House Office in Nantwich, Cheshire in the United Kingdom.

Looking back at the start, winning the pitch to deliver all of the European product brochures for Samsung was pivotal. This was truly a great platform to springboard the business onto a successful future.
I have been leading my team to evolve, innovate and develop branding and websites in an ever-increasingly competitive global market. Starting out as a traditional Graphic Design business, followed by a move into Digital and New Media I continue to drive my business to create online and offline designs for some of the world’s most respected companies.

At GSD® our core is ‘design is life enhancing’ and like anything important is worth doing well. We have built our business on a strong culture where everyone has great ideas and our clients are the most important asset. Our team is passionate about creating innovative work to help businesses succeed.

There have been many incredible GSD® directors, managers, designers, suppliers and collaboration partners over the 25 years. This is my opportunity to acknowledge their work and extend my sincere thanks for their support, great work and dedication.
As a leader, I make a habit of looking to stimulate and inspire with my own energy, rather than seeking to censure or offer reproof. I am driven by an endless curiosity and whilst I know that some can find such a relentless quest to be unreasonable at times, it is for me at least, an abiding feature of what leadership is all about, when harnessed to the pursuit of excellence. I dream big and laugh a lot, surrounding myself with the best people along the way.

Our valued clients are incredible. Cultivating long-term working relationships with them provides so many dimensions to the harmony of all our dealings. This is something we share together and in turn, provides me with the best possible understanding of their brand attributes and values. It is this above all, that ultimately enables us to identify their needs and create exactly what they want. Long may it continue. We have flourished over the years and weathered the more difficult months of 2020 with such fortitude, an acquired blend of tenacity and business acumen. We have emerged as a company endowed by experience, enriched by clients’ fidelity and now facing the future with confidence, all built upon a foundation of strong client relationships and satisfaction.

Finally, a special thankyou to my current GSD® team for continuing to support me to drive us forward, so that our future will be as great as our past.