The Challenge

The distinguished house of Redwood & Feller has been renowned for fine tailoring since 1946, obtaining a Royal Warrant for many years. The tradition continued under the formidable direction of Edward J. Rowland, who has dressed some of the best-known figures in and around Westminster for decades, including actors, celebrities and even Royalty. Now in the hands of his son, Elliott Rowland, GSD® were approached to create and manage a rebrand for the luxury British tailors.

The Solution

- To create and manage a rebrand for the business.
- To design a bespoke website showcasing their services.
- To carry out content creation in both photography and videography to ensure the highest quality of Social Media content.

The Result

Through enhancing their brand identity, Redwood & Feller have expanded their customer base through a wider online audience, increased brand awareness and enhanced their marketing opportunities, which has resulted in increased sales and overall business success.

“GSD® were the ideal solution for a rebrand of Redwood & Feller. They took the time to embody the essence of the shop, our family and business. GSD® are a personal and bespoke service in which we look forward to working with in the future. ”

Elliott Rowland, Partner