The Challenge

The National Health Service is the publicly funded healthcare system in England. It is the second largest single-payer healthcare system in the world after the Brazilian Sistema Único de Saúde. Several NHS Trusts required GSD® to coordinate its marketing – to improve its image amongst staff, the general public, patients and other stakeholders.

The Solution

A ‘Changing lives’ Your Health. Our Priority. Campaign. GSD® created an eye-catching campaign, focusing on real staff – featuring a friendly tone of voice and fresh look and feel. The campaign included digital, social media, posters, billboard advertising and large scale wall graphics to communicate a positive message throughout the hospitals and wider community in the UK.

The Result

A very positive reaction to a multi-faceted campaign that addressed diverse audiences, raising the NHS profile as intended and generating new awareness of the work it undertakes in different medical areas.

Branding in the public sector requires care, sensitivity and creativity. GSD® has delivered a brand campaign nationally for the NHS with various tools and materials that echoes all these qualities. Strategic thinking and attention to detail were delivered throughout.

Emma Parkes, Associate Director of Communications & Engagement