The Challenge

BRUSH is the largest independent manufacturer of turbogenerators in the world, with manufacturing plants in the UK, Netherlands and Czech Republic which support customers from across the world. With a new plant also being constructed in China, GSD® was asked to produce a Digital Build Manual to be used by Chinese workers as a guide for operation processes and to understand various sections and parts of the generator, without the need for expat support.

The Solution

A multi-lingual Build Manual optimised for tablets was created by the GSD® digital team. Key areas include:

– A role based user login system giving controlled access to content

– Language toggling between English, Chinese and Czech

– Strong emphasis on usability and UX by maximising usable tablet space

– Bespoke admin area for Brush administrators allowing ongoing content management

– Secure and clear sections for engineering processes, term translation and generators

Launched on internal networks in the UK and China, the Build Manual has set a new standard in digitising what was once a segmented set of hard to follow engineering processes. It’s also overcome the ongoing issues of providing the same set of instructions in more than one language for BRUSH’s ever growing expansion overseas.

The Result

With the project expected to expand in the next few years, GSD® are proud of what’s been achieved so far and excited for the future.

“The GSD® team have been fundamental in the creation of the Digital Build Manual tool, they used their expertise to expand on ideas and develop the system so that it can be easily understood by both users in the UK and China.”

Luke Johnson – BRUSH Project Control & IT Systems Manager