As a trusted Partner of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Graham Shapiro Design (GSD®) were honoured and delighted to be recently commissioned to contribute website design and development, to commemorate the Duke’s centenary.

Prince Philip was a passionate, relentless and dedicated champion of young people and in so many respects, a pioneering figure in the sphere of both informal education and non-formal learning. He placed continued emphasis upon character above all, as the defining factor that influences destiny. He had an unshakeable belief in young people and will be remembered for so many dimensions of his long and distinguished life, but especially his abiding faith in the potential of young people.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award will continue to carry forward his legacy of public service and respect for the welfare of others. On this understanding, the values he portrayed and the vision he showed, is the very foundation upon which we will build and grow in the twenty-first century and beyond.

As an abiding tribute to His Royal Highness, the ‘Founder’s 100’ was launched as a campaign to reflect all of his many attributes. Over the next three years, it is fully anticipated that a figure in excess of £25 million will be raised and deployed for a variety of worthwhile objectives. Notably, to enable more than two million additional young people, some of whom have been at risk or come from marginalised backgrounds, to embark upon their own journey of discovery and realise the ultimate accolade of a Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Graham Shapiro, Chief Executive and Founder said

“It’s such a huge privilege to be a Partner of The Duke of Edinburgh International Awards. His Royal Highness was a towering figure; he helped so many young people to learn that that they were capable of so much more than they ever realised. In this way, the real potential of all these young men & women is simply unknown but I’m proud to be part of an organisation that stands to offer so much to so many, in 140 countries, all around the world.”